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Tangyin County Hongda Engineering Plastics Factory is located in Tangyin County, west of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway line and No.107 National Highway, north of Henan Province. It has departments of production, sales, quality control, financial management, installation, after-sale service and so on.

Founded in 1983,  the factory is specialized in nylon rollers, UHMW-PE sheets of type I, II, III and rods, which are sold well to major enterprises in the sectors of electricity, metallurgy, coal mining, papermaking, chemical engineering, shipbuilding, transportation, food, and health care throughout the country (Taiwan and Tibet excluded).  

Since its foundation, the factory has established a long term and stable partnership with related academies, research and development institutions, and factories and mines. With the assistance of scientific and technical personnel from famous universities, the factory, giving full play to its advantages, has also developed and promoted strip bushings, sleeve bearings, sieves and products like rubber buffers and slides .                                                
In sourcing material, Hongda never uses inferior one surreptitiously to supersede so as to success in the keen competition of markets, which follows the business ethics of Chinese culture for thousands of years, never discard integrity in running business; In processing, Hongda dedicates to work with great care and keep improving, striving for the best. Hongda always embraces the spirit of craftsman (Great Care, Lofty Character, Well Behavior ) within the factory.                                                
Therefore, several domestic large non-ferrous metal smelting, power plants, chemical fertilizer group etc. are our host, the people who we rely on for living. Because Hongda would rather being an excellent customer appointed craftsman or a user’s servant  than a manufacturer.                                                
Hongda's survival didn't rely on high speed and surpassing, but on steadily developing. Running business is not to set off fireworks, not to seek for a moment of brilliance, but to seek long-term ownership.

Corporate Commitment: Hongda never fakes.

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